Crystal Reports Design & Development
What Is Crystal Reports?

Crystal Reports delivers powerful capabilities for reporting and analysis, so you can gain secure, reliable access to the data you need to make the right decisions.  Crystal Reports is inexpensive, and allows us to connect to virtually any data source, to design and format interactive reports, and share them internally and externally.

Crystal Interactive Analysis lets end users interact with business information and answer ad hoc questions themselves – without having to understand complex database languages and underlying structures.  It gives the user the ability to interactively explore the report at run time.

The Report Viewer software offers an inexpensive desktop application that lets users open and interact with existing Crystal Reports files. It allows users to choose the selection options and "run the report".

Let us design and craft professional, powerful reports to help you run your business more efficiently, and provide the ongoing insight into your business operations that has been hiding in your files.   Reports can be exported to various file formats such as: PDF, Excel, and Word, and can therefore be emailed as necessary.  All of those formats can be searched so the user doesn’t have to turn page after page to find something.

We can create reports remotely, using Crystal Reports installed on one of your office PCs, and secure remote access software like Join.Me.

ERC Consulting Services For Crystal Reports

There is valuable information being stored in your databases such as customer and item information, sales history, and financial data. This data is fundamental to the success of your business. Now that all this data is stored, you will need to analyze it to make strategic decisions that will affect the success of your business. We can retrieve this data from your system and put it into a format that will make it easier to manage.

During the early planning stages of a project, ERC will provide expert consulting to help you define the reporting requirements for your application. We will bring together the knowledge and understanding of your business and processes, with the understanding of data types and file relationships, to enable you to achieve the information you need from your reports.

Working with someone familiar with your database, an available data dictionary document, or analyzing the data ourselves, we can create reports to your specifications. You select the layout and the information on the report. We will access your database, retrieve the information, and design, develop, and format it the way you want it. We can also create technical and/or user documentation.  And we can do it all remotely and, usually, at a fixed price.

If you need help to build professional-looking, powerful reports that can help you run your business more efficiently, click the contact button, and we’ll start today.
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These are challenges that virtually every organization has encountered.  The enterprise information you need exists – somewhere in your software - but it's stored in diverse, inaccessible files.
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