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System Selection / Decision Support

Why should you engage Enterprise Resource Consulting as your ERP consultant?  If your business must decide on new ERP software, and must make the best choice from the many available systems, our many years of experience will help you find the right ERP system and get the project moving in the right direction. Throughout the ERP system selection process, you can rely on our ERP specialist to contain costs, and maximize the return on your technology investment. If you need to locate the best ERP system for your business, read a more thorough discussion about system selection decision support here.

Virtual Consulting

For our clients throughout the United States  who have outgrown QuickBooks™, and those who need to replace their outdated or obsolete ERP system, we offer virtual consulting.  We will manage the selection and implementation processes remotely, using whatever technology is appropriate.  For all but the most complex manufacturing operations which require an onsite presence, this method eliminates almost all of the business “friction” that consumes time, and therefore your money.  In combination with our reasonable rates, your project will be successfully completed at the lowest investment possible.

Implementation Project Management

As you know, implementation is a formidable project and, as your project manager, we can provide leadership for the process. We have managed the implementation for scores of small and medium sized companies in a variety of industries.  We’ll plan and supervise the data conversion, and will plan and manage the project to maximize benefits and minimize delays often associated with the purchase of enterprise software.  Read a more thorough discussion about implementation project management here.

Rescue of Failing Implementation Projects

Many ERP implementations continue for year-after-year, with no successful completion in sight. There are many warning signals, and just as many ways to repair the situation.  We’ll stop the bleeding and get it on track.  Please visit our discussion of failing implementation projects here.

Additional Services

- Deployment of additional modules and “best practice” business procedures.
- Resolution of issues with your hardware, software, and network support vendors.
- ERC can help you reduce costs with hardware, software, and network support vendors.
- ERC can design and create reports, and create downloads that are meaningful.
- As an EDI consultant with vast experience, ERC can minimize chargebacks.
- ERC can analyze and improve procedures, including Inventory /Forecasting.
- Squeeze More From Your Older Distribution System - We can help make your current system more useful, solve issues, design and create reports, save on monthly expenses, and delay the purchase of a new system until the time is right.  

ERP Selection Consultant - ERP Implementation Consultant

Professional Services
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