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Virtual Consulting for 
Enterprise Resource Planning
Cloud Consulting and Your Investment

Whether your business needs to replace an obsolete “legacy” system, or has simply outgrown QuickBooks, you should consider engaging Enterprise Resource Consulting and our virtual consulting option, to help you select the right system. Our cloud service (also called remote or virtual consulting) operates remotely from our place of business, utilizing the latest communication technology, as necessary, delivering our ERP expertise and consultation services to clients throughout the United States. We’re local to everyone!

Unless the project is extremely large and global, or encompasses complicated process manufacturing, which requires an onsite presence for an extended period of time, virtual consulting is the answer to getting the right system selected and implemented without exploding the budget. Did we mention we’ll help you at a fixed price

There is only one ERP consulting company which is completely independent from any hardware or software vendor, offers fixed pricing for ERP selection, and has over 30 years of ERP experience. That company is Enterprise Resource Consulting.

The benefits of our cloud consulting program are its lower cost, and more rapid selection and implementation times. You don’t need to pay for travel, lodging, providing a working space, and most important, the many onsite hours which are lost due to normal business “friction”. Using teleconferencing, the internet, and even videoconferencing, virtual consulting can help deliver value far beyond what is possible with a consulting firm that only offers onsite consulting.

Our fixed price is based on the size of your organization, number of locations, and the type of business you are managing. Based on these parameters, you can see your final fixed price here.

Begin Your Project on the Path to Success

Why do we offer fixed pricing? The average ERP implementation project is completed 11% over budget, and it begins with the selection portion. An experienced professional should know how long it will take to recommend the best system for your business, and therefore what it will cost – and we do. A consultant who is not certain of how long the project will take will quote you an hourly rate. This means that they are “learning on your dime”. With Enterprise Resource Consulting helping you to select either the right cloud-based or onsite ERP system, you can get the best value for your time and money. 

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